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Retro Refurb Requires In Depth Research

I do know someone who wishes to turn his comfortable family sized home into a recreation of a Georgian villa . . . rather like those he’s seen down in beautiful  tourist hotspots like Bath or Cheltenham.  None of us […]

Bedroom Design Evolving With The Generations

It’s funny how I can look back at one house I used to visit as a child and automatically shudder with the instant recall of mothballs, freezing cold bedrooms with heavy clumping furniture – no fitted carpet of course, just […]

Sleek Streamlined Splendour – Just A Dream Away

It’s funny thing, whenever I hear the phrase Interior Design, my mind races to sleek modern minimalist homes and offices with no frills or sentimental trivia clogging up the shelves and bookcases.  In my mind’s eye I’m seeing beautiful clear […]

Getting TV Ready For Selling The Unsaleable

As we know, taste in decor and design is about the most individual matter in the housing sector of industry. There cannot be a single person n the country who has not watched one of the hundreds of lyfestyle televison […]