1950s Homemaking Seems Grim On TV

I was watching a wonderful old documentary on catch up tv the other day – it was primarily about holidays by the seaside but it also included some fantastic social history to savour.  The days of families all travelling to the seaside en mass on trains or coaches seems such a long way away now.  We are so used to doing our own thing and maybe popping over to the continent for a week.  Looking at this wonderful old black and white programme from the arly 1950s, the style of home decor was astonishingly bland – it featured boarding houses, offering just rooms with breakfast through to full scale hotels offering 3 meals a day etc. The most exotic of the properties had wallpaper and dark coloured gloss paint o the doors and skirting boards.  The kitchens were ghastly – tiny little sculleries with wooden draining boards, tiny little gas stoves steaming away with dinners and the bedrooms with huge great dark wooden wardrbobes and creaky iron bedsteads.  A world away from today’s luxurious air bnbs!