Bedroom Design Evolving With The Generations

It’s funny how I can look back at one house I used to visit as a child and automatically shudder with the instant recall of mothballs, freezing cold bedrooms with heavy clumping furniture – no fitted carpet of course, just hefty rugs over the wood parquet flooring.    The house  was built in 1933 so was ‘the latest’ design after the roaring 20’s and then the depression.  Tastes change from generation to generation but it always felt as though every set of grandparents would have the same unexciting furniture and floral soft furnishings.  In those days the ensuite element consisted of a comode chair and a washstand on which we had a porcelain pitcher of cold water for  pouring into the matching washbowl – no showers or toilet facilities just off the bedroom.  Interior design hadn’t got to this upgrade of the basics yet!  Today the bedroom often serves as home office and secondary tv room.  The multi purpose nature needs careful interior design to make the most of every spec of space available.