Bringing Inspiration From A Hot Spot Afar

I had a pal living abroad in a nice very hot spot and they were hving their villa spruced up for the 3rd time in ten years.  The sheer heat and dry weather for 10 months of each year, with just 2 months of freezing cold and damp weather meant she had to be inventive over how the house was furnished and kept pristine without everything falling apart.  The window frames would crack and wither – especially after a sustained attack by turmites every spring!

This came to mind when her usual interior designer pal came over to dear old Blighty for a few weeks.  I found myself offering board and lodgings for this chap’s soujourn in exchange for some help in changing my inertior design and bringing me up to date.  This was the best thing to happen for years – my house has been transformed with ideas that only a professional can come up with.