Brutalism Found A Tad Too Stark

We all know the colours we prefer and the materials that suit us best.  Or at least we like to think we do.  That’s fine for clothes – we can swap and change as often as our pocket allows.   It’s quie a different matter where our homes are concerned.  Unlike clothes & fashion, trends in interior decor don’t swap around as quickly and it can take a couple of years for ‘this year’s new idea’ to actually reach the general buying public and to bed in.   Take the 1950s – so soon after the second world war and all those horrors.  Folk are just getting themselves back on track but don’t want frivolity.  Brutalism took this lack of sentimentality to a much greater degree than many people could comprehend.  But it served to help the industry move on from the swirls and curls of the older victorian ideas and opened up a breathing space for innovative new designers to make the name.