Designs On Life, Love & That Odd Shaped Lounge

Design – now there’s a word of many meanings.  I can design anything in my house but it would be needing an expert to finalise the detail and say to me that yes, that would be feasible and will cost you X amont of spondoolies.  We can also have designs on something or someone.   The would be liaison sometimes comes off but sadly it often does not and one party is left rueing the fact that love is left unrequited.  The stuff of a Jane Austen novel indeed.  However, the word design doesn’t always have to be a tear jerking affair.  If you want to have work done in the house, it really is a good ida to get hold of an experienced designer who will listen to  your concerns an desires and be able to interpret them into a design for the space you want to work on.  It will be a fresh approach on what’s there and will incorporate space and energy saving ideas.