Dreaming The Dream Cottage

We have so many different types of house in this country – that is one of the fantastic things about living in this small island.    There is no one style that you can say is typically British.  Up in Scotland they have a lot of grey granite built properties and bungalows that look as though they’re made of breeze block.  In Wales they have small stone cottages and thousands of 1950s council houses.   In England there are the multi occupancy apartments and flats that take up very little space for the number of folk they house.  There are also large town houses with comfort exuding from every pore.  My favourite, to look at is the small cottage – preferably the thatched roof style that has pretty gabled ends and porches over doors.   The perfect one would have lead paned windows set in very deep casements and all the original wobbly floors and walls.  Ah dreaming of designs.  The interiors of which are another matter completely!