Engaging With Design Studios Gains Confidence

When we think of interior designs designed by interior designers . . . . the very posh and unbelievably expensive glass and shiny chrome look very often comes to mind.  It seems to be assumed that the very phrase Interior Designer means outlandish modernistic and minimalist creations.  This certainly is not the case if you engage with a designer who specialises in your favourite type of design.  In the late ’20s and early ’30s, ther was a very well known american lady who, with her anglo-american husband,  managed to gain enormous social status through spending much money here and buying out the rights to a particular partner in a well known decorating and interior design company.  Being in the right place helped and through her refreshing slant on decorating country houses in her trademark ‘shabby chic’ and homely themes, took a well heeled society by storm.  Getting the right designer for your needs is a matter of research and talking to studios to see how they deal with your ideas – before you commit.