Getting TV Ready For Selling The Unsaleable

As we know, taste in decor and design is about the most individual matter in the housing sector of industry. There cannot be a single person n the country who has not watched one of the hundreds of lyfestyle televison shows where a hapless family has failed to sell their deplorable little home and miraculously the tv show crew arrive with a star celebrity to help them restyle and remarket – always with incredible success.  This is because a truly professional team has gone in first and checked out why it failed before and why it’s a fantastic house for their tv show to take on!  The emphasis is always on creating space – so getting rid of all the family clutter, making the front door and entrance hallway as presentable and easy to negotiate is always top of the list.   The planning for preparation of the shows must be very well organised.  They don’t have months at a time to pick, argue, rethink.  It has to be done with speed and no faffing!