In For A Penny, In for A Pound

It’s fun to visit showrooms and select furniture for each room.  That doesn’t happen very often in my house, however when I decided to update, I did a mass all at once.  I bought a gorgeous much coveted sideboard in a sale and this led to me changing up on the dining suite to match it and then I bought classy white furniture to match the fitted wardrobes in my master bedroom.   All very good but the rest of the house looked dated.    My chum in cyprus said her friendly decorator was coming over to England for a few weeks as he had a commission to help decorate a heritage house.   I flippantly said ‘oh send him over here, I’ve got a house that needs doing’ and my word, that’s exactly what she did.  I gave him a skype tour of the house via my iPad and said how many rooms etc. He said he’d need two weeks and I’d have to empty each room as much as possible.  Well, up popped this odd little guy on the appointed day – complete with paint overalls and suitcase in hand.  This was the most efficient and timely job I’ve ever witnessed!  We agreed a main shade for the walls; one spectacular feature colour for the fireplace wall and a good quality matt finish for the woodwork.  It still looks fantastic even after five years -that’s the work of a true professional.