Interior Design Holds Strong Gallic Charm

I was watching a remake of a favourite french detective series –   this parisian based sleuth lives in a fabulously atmospheric apartment off one of the fashionable arondisements.  In Paris of course, it’s important to be in the right area otherwise you are yesterday’s news.  Maigret liked not drawing attention to himself or his rather lovely wife.  The interior design of the suite of rooms, on the 4th floor, consisted of generously proportioned entrance hall from which led all the rest of the rooms.  They enjoy a very good standard of living – the books were written in a time between the wars, by a writer who knew a thing or two about style and how to use it to advantage.  The series was never intended to hover long at the apartment, we see little glimpses but they are wonderful sets, made so real.  With beautiful sumptuous sofas in the typical gallic style with rosewood frames and ample plumped cushions.  The many little side tables also of rosewood.  Against one wall is Mdme’s precious china cabinet – full no doubt of Limoges pieces.  The furnishings all tone well with the beautifully hung window drapes of a particular damask rose colour.  I so wanted to move to Paris to live in one of these fabulous apartments.  The interior design probably would not suit me these days but oh how I wanted to sample life in that glamourous era.