Light Oak Dining Set Designed To Impress

I do love a piece of modern oak furniture.  There’s something timeless about light oak which never seems to age.  In whatever design the furniture is made to, that finish always seems to glow and reflect a sunny outlook.  It turns an ordinary room into a spectacle of exquisite interior design. That may sound bizarre but when I had my house decorated completely from top to bottom a few years ago, I was really chuffed when my professional decorator said how attractive the sideboard and dining set looks in their current positions as the finish really looked modern and expensive.   On a whim I had bought the sideboard from a local furnishing outlet – it had been for sale years previously in a very high end store and I’d coveted the design for it’s simple lines and beautiful oak finish.  So when the very same became available locally at my price, I had to have. . .  but I also had to change the dining table and 6 chairs to match.  So not the financial bargain it could have been but it all looks lovely and visitors always compliment me on my taste.