Live In A Home Before Changing Design Features

I’m not sure whether a team of designers deal with huge house developers – maybe they have an entire department dedicated to the task of constantly coming up with ideas for ew phases being devellped for release for sale.  I know that when my family bough our attractive and very spacious family home, some years ago, we thought it was so fantastic, we couln’t stop crowing about it to anyone who would listen – and many more who got bored and walked off!  It’s only since I’ve been living here for many yars that I can think about changing the design.  You realise after a time that some of the features they thoughtfully provided were not q2uite so innovattive and could have done with perhaps a bit more tweaking.  The sitting room is always looking out on to next door’s garages – it would have been much better if they’d put the house the opposite way round – so the sitting room looked out over and down the avenue.  The kitchen seemed so modern on moving in but now I wish they’d designed it so the wall mounted oven was nearer to the worktops instead of having to take somethig realy hot wih over mitts across the room