Professional Designer Needed For Cottage Conversions

Something the major broadcasters have had to do recently, whilst the country has been quarantined is to entertain, and educate their audiences whilst retaining regulars.   The main UK national stations have dug out back issues of all the major blockbusters for filling the many hours available to them.   We’ve had re-runs of all the fantastic cultural winners but also many more DIY and home renovations programmes.  There’s also the fantastic escaping to the delightful countryside shows that have captured an even bigger audience.  It must have triggered many a search for just such a property for themselves now.  It’s been a revelation, how a historic cottage or house is kept the same outside, visually engaging, but is turned into an absolutely incredible feat of modern space age delight, especially in the kitchen and bathroom departments.   Some amazing interior design has been in evidence in every one of them – it’s not something you can take on as an amateur, especially when keeping the integrity of at least some of the original property is needed!