Questions To Kick Off Interior Design Project

Interior design is a massively wide topic.  We might think that it’s just about how our sitting room is furnished or what we hide up in the bedrooms, but there is a great deal more.  Before contemplating the overhaul of any space a copay neds to begin with initial appraisal – at least a survey.  They need to measure how the physical environment interacts with performance.  Another pivotal step is to check, through just watching and observing how individuals using the building need to work and live as a whole.  This humanistic approach means that a better design will be forthcoming.  One that is definitely geared to suit the full use of the spaces to be interior designed . .   For example topics that come to mind will be – does the furniture or equipment offer any flexibility in terms of where it’s placed, can it be moved, can it be mutli functional . . .  Is the lighting adequate or is there noticable interference with screens or work surfaces.   If in a work mode project, can all parties get direct access to and esily use all the available technoligy or is this going to need a complete rethink.