Retro Refurb Requires In Depth Research

I do know someone who wishes to turn his comfortable family sized home into a recreation of a Georgian villa . . . rather like those he’s seen down in beautiful  tourist hotspots like Bath or Cheltenham.  None of us are quite sure what started this craze but let’s say it’s lasting a tad longer than many of his madcap ideas.   We have been checking out the various interior design studios known to us locally and a couple immediately sussed a difficulty and priced themselves out of the project.  However there has been some interest from a couple who specialise in quirky and individual property make-overs.   Such a project, if it’s to succeed and reward the owner with a comfortable and convenient style of living that reflects their personal ideal in looks is quite a challenge.  Much research into the actual operation of a home from that period is essential – not just flicking through catalogues of heritage houses from the time.   Then I’m sure he won’t want to go so true to form that he rips out the stunningly gorgeous ensuite and family bathroom currently adorning their house!