Sleek Streamlined Splendour – Just A Dream Away

It’s funny thing, whenever I hear the phrase Interior Design, my mind races to sleek modern minimalist homes and offices with no frills or sentimental trivia clogging up the shelves and bookcases.  In my mind’s eye I’m seeing beautiful clear spaces, lots of room to put anything else that needs a temporary home.  The furniture is sleek and beautifully crafted, a recliner with its own small ottoman footstool in cream leather to match the plain but comfy sofas that sit invitingly in the bright sunny room.  Then back to reality and my own somewhat less sleekly furnished and organised abode.  My dreams of being carefully interior design and the reality are massively different – but at least I know how they are so and I also know how to rectify this!  Being able to find this sort of help online and engaging with purveyors of such calming splendour is one of the wonders of this modern age!