Traveller Returns To Find Constuction A-Go-Go

I’ve returned from a few weeks travelling around the Med and find my comfortable little cul de sac has become a universal building site.  One neighbour is knocking out the back of his house to form a huge kitchen/family space.  It’ll double the size of the existing rooms.  Another house round the corner is extending out the back so must also be kitchen & family room.  Then two other houses within eye and ear view, are having their driveways made wider by use of decorative patio slabs and pebbles replacing their tarmac drives.  Of course over here most building work will need the sevices of the local building inspector to ok each stage – getting the plans passed up front by the planning department can sometimes be tricky.  It’s always a good idea to allow the builder and or his architect to apply for the relevant planning permission. They should be expert and it’s in their interest to ensure they make a a good impression with the Inspector – it makes the every day business so much smoother.