When Stewards Take On A Room’s Personality

When you’re a room steward in a heritage property that opens to the public, there is a tendency to assume a rather strange proprietorial air.  I was listening to a colleague the other day when he was stewarding the room leading on from my post.   He was babbling away contentedly about the battle scene on a painting sat on an easel by the fireplace.  It’s the only one not hung up and that method invites the curious visitor to make enquiries.   This chap burbled away about the choice of furnishings for the newly opened room – it had been shut up for decades.  The furnishings are of the 1900 up to 1930 period with ad hoc filling in choices.   The point of the room is to allow public to see the yellow silk wall coverings, and the dining furniture of the same era.  The families living there would have been big in hunting and other sports.  This is also reflected in the choice of furnishings.