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Dreaming The Dream Cottage

We have so many different types of house in this country – that is one of the fantastic things about living in this small island.    There is no one style that you can say is typically British.  Up in Scotland […]

In For A Penny, In for A Pound

It’s fun to visit showrooms and select furniture for each room.  That doesn’t happen very often in my house, however when I decided to update, I did a mass all at once.  I bought a gorgeous much coveted sideboard in […]

1950s Homemaking Seems Grim On TV

I was watching a wonderful old documentary on catch up tv the other day – it was primarily about holidays by the seaside but it also included some fantastic social history to savour.  The days of families all travelling to […]

Brutalism Found A Tad Too Stark

We all know the colours we prefer and the materials that suit us best.  Or at least we like to think we do.  That’s fine for clothes – we can swap and change as often as our pocket allows.   It’s […]

Like Father & Mother, Like Son Cottage

Isn’t it funny how we always look back to how our parents decorated their house and although we say we never want to have ours like that, we invariably end up with a similar regime in the long run.  I […]